Monday, 6 September 2021

The Essence of Reception No.1


The Essence of Reception No.1 - 2021

The slight curve may suggest a stretching out or reaching, only to terminate in an open connection that may either imply turning back upon oneself in an infinite return loop, or an infinite opening to "cancel the reach". This may sound very abstract, and it is—indeed it was my feeling when drawing this form on paper. The following poem was also written at the time of the inception of the form on paper. 

As infinite as space, 
So too is Form*— 
Yet as subtle as presence, 
So too is sensitivity— 
As naturally as a leaf flickering in the wind, 
So moves the mental barrier 
In its blinding transparency— 


 *All form in general 

After discovering the form on paper, I contemplate its origin and meaning, and devise a title, then in an elaboration on this meaning a poem may emerge. In this case the poem sets the ground for the conceptual connection with the title: "Once the mental obstacle has been removed, the pure or open "ground" may receive "insight". This particular form (one of infinite possibilities) suggests a "reaching or seeking" with an element of openness/femininity/negativity essential for this "engagement" or reception of the "insight"."

Tuesday, 31 August 2021

Nature No.1

The engagement of sight,
The silent wonders
That quiver before us—

The fluttering butterfly,
Its sails gaining purchase
On the weight of the atmosphere—

The slow moving slug
Its senses, like ours,
Engaged with the environment,
Its head turning with
Smooth trajectory
And compassionate order—

The fruit tree swelling
With such rapid growth,
Turning water into juice
And shining in the sunlight—

The bumble bee busy
In focused activity,
Unpausing to ponder,
To sit and stare
At the endless sky,
The distant moon,
The light of the stars,
And the ending of time.


Wednesday, 11 August 2021

Thoughts on the World


Thoughts on the world:

The pure present within which all movement plays about is silent amidst the noise, peaceful amidst the chaos. The war-cry is insanity at its most powerful expression and is seen clearly as such only through the eyes of compassion. We hold hands in love and community, ever falling out of violence and into Sanity, Health and Prosperity. We must listen to the angry ones like we would to a hurt child and answer with love instead of hostile reaction. (Clear away wrong-doings of the past and start afresh everyday!) For this reaction is simply more of the same violence. And, this is the cause of perpetuation. This "non-reaction" is the important change in society. Society consists of individuals, so each of us must change and this is how the world is changed — not by trying to control "others" (or ourselves) and manipulate the internal or external system and our surroundings and interior — proper and liberated expression comes later because we don't know how to act properly until we have changed. Before changing (ourselves), our actions will be partial and reactive, causing more conflict. Action is an expression of the core self. If there is peace, love and wholeness at the core, there will be an outward expression and working of the same. So-called "society" is a reflection of our individual selves. 
This change in ourselves will not occur if we attempt to control ourselves, because this is more violence, just directed inwardly. Real change and liberation can only occur when the fundamental way the psyche works is seen actually — not conceptually. This is the important point. We must see ourselves directly, not through the interpretation of comparative (dualistic) thought. Seeing this way is the action which ends in dissolutionary change; and therefore freedom, love and wholeness.

Sunday, 1 August 2021

Self-Inquiry No.1

Self-Inquiry No.1

Carved from a block of air-dried yellow cedar with tight growth rings, the form of Self-Inquiry No.1 reflects the nature and delicacy of the material and craft. The subtle form invites the viewer to peer inwards only to find more space and openness. The irony of self-inquiry is just this. The looker seeks to find oneself, but the self is the looker who cannot possibly see itself (like a sword cutting itself in half). When the self is thought to be perceived, it is actually only a construct through thought. So, our common self-image is this imaginary self. When this ironic fact is grasped by the higher or true self, then there is wholeness and Love. Is this the cosmic joke?

Or is it something?
That empty space,
The vast arena,
The pure silence
And rest—

I look
Yet my eyes are met
With pitch black
And infinite quiet.
But yet, I am,
Not of time,
Nor space,
I am here
And everywhere,
Yet nowhere.


Friday, 30 July 2021

Transient Reflection No.1

Even fleeting moments
Never were
But transient reflections,
Appearing densities,
Only to fade just as easily
In timeless flux—
The moon-cast shadows
Of crooked pine
Dissapear as the shoji screen
Slides open
Revealing the dark night
And endless transformations.

Wednesday, 21 July 2021

The Boundless Nature of Truth No.1

The Boundless Nature of Truth No.1 - 2021



The towering aspen tree,
Its leaves flickering in the breeze—

The mid-day sun light
Shimmering across the rippling water—

The quiet mind,
Unoccupied by events,
Like a crystal,
Reflects the shining
Nature of Truth.


Monday, 19 July 2021

Gesture No. 5


Like shells, skin
Attached but separate
Like all
The colours of motion
Spin and turn in splendour
And yet the unmoved
Watching, being
Involved yet