Sunday, 4 December 2022

Acting: a short poem, with an explanation of poetic approach


With strings to the past
Like a marionette
Tethered to a memorial beast.
Never ceasing,
The drooling monster
Continues pulling strings.
Limbs acquiescing
To the Mindless impulses
Of this cognitive machine.

The cool orange
Hint of daylight
Emerges upwards
Above the rolling hills
Through the narrow slit
In the blanket of clouds.
The day is beginning.
A new day
Where Act will flower
With every pulse
And every breath
Of pure life
And endless bliss.


*Just a note on my poetic approach for those who are interested:
There are different ways of using poetry. I use poetry as another means to convey a deeper metaphysical message. What do I mean when I say metaphysical? There is a division between philosophy based on the validation of theories and conclusions which are more concerned with winning the argument than at arriving at the one truth, and there is philosophy which is for the purpose of revelation and ascension. It is the latter with which I am interested. What drives my poems is an inspiration, a flame which works through the cognitive faculty to produce something which contains that flame. Without this, I don't write poetry. It is a prerequisite. I think this inspiration or flame is emerging from the heart field, associated with the heart shakra; and I consider metaphysics to be concerned with the conscious ordering of the "non-moving" activity Known from this field.

Saturday, 26 November 2022

Craft and Gravity: a poem


Material curvature,
Molded by hands,
The heart flows
Through the fingers
Infusing the material
With pulsing life.

Take a seat,
Feel the armrest,
The bend, the give,
The chair receives
Your weight—

Gravity connects all
Physically and divinely,
The earthly, nay, cosmic reminder
Of renewable life
And constant flux.



Thursday, 3 November 2022

Arch No.33 (description with poem)



The 33rd of the Arch series takes the bifurcated form for the second time, but in yellow cedar (the first, Arch No.32, was in red cedar) which exhibits a subdued natural grain. The sculpture thus preserves its light cream colour, a very pure and calming hue which invites attention quietly. The incipient emergence of two forms from the single and whole form not only symbolizes the ultimate unity of the dyad, but also raises geometric questions of relationship and meaning therein. As, the sense of the form varies drastically depending on the angle of view (appears to have two distinct components from the front, yet its unity is clearly betrayed (visible) from the side views as the shallow concave system is revealed), the form thus encourages the viewer to explore and discover.

The continuous yet divided
Merges yet separates,
Envelops yet is contained,
Connects yet remains alone,
And acts yet acts not
For it exists simply
As an illusion.



Arch No.33 - 2022


Wednesday, 12 October 2022

Morning Trees

Morning Trees

The monochrome silhouettes
Of the trees stood still
Yet alive against the soft
Brightening dawn sky—

The crows alighting atop
Sent gentle pulses
Along the long, stiff
The leaves shuttering
In acquiescence.

The horizon behind
Was a hazy peach hue
Fading up to a
Cool white luminescence—

As the dawning of the sun
Approached, the whole
Town brightened
With lively anticipation.

Duality No.3

Thursday, 6 October 2022

Quiet Morning Questions


Quiet Morning Questions (inspired by the beauty of the rising red sun through the smoky horizon)

Reflecting back on the dualistic nature of our psyche, the simple character of our thought patterns, brings great clarity and serenity. Questioning the structure of thinking, agreeing or disagreeing, deciding, hoping, expecting, celebrating success or feeling the pain of failure, trying to stay motivated, and using reward or punishment tactics on oneself—are all the workings of the dualistic mind. What a drama. Yet we need not push this all away for there is beauty in it just as there is beauty in every single motion, compound (which we may call objects or creatures), idea, scene, and ultimately insight. Insights are the juice of truth. They emerge with purifying energy, instantly dissolving related confusion. Are insights dual? Or are insights of what the yogis call a single-pointed mind?
Arch No.1

Wednesday, 5 October 2022

Thoughts on Violence and Love

There is cold violence
And cold eyes
Staring blindly into a world of illusion
A self-created world tainted by vengeance
And wrath,
And there is such precise action,
Such power, such cunning control;
Vast crowds believe
The one-sided words,
The rotting stories and promises
Of cleansing action
Which indeed cleanse not
But only perpetuate
This cycle of misery and pride.

All are innocent
Like small children,
Acting in reaction
To a disturbance,
Protecting themselves
The only way they know how.
Except, now, these impulses
Are disguised in fancy words
Designed to impress
And persuade a gullible group.

Engaging not
In these stories
Fuelled by pain
We stand and smile—

We will stand in peace,
In peaceful strength
Fuelled by wisdom,
Not hate, not anger,
Not in reaction,
But in a different world,
A world in Love.

The angry man
Strikes with a fist
And gets nothing
But air—

Untouchable is Love,
So foreign from anger,
So pure and clean,
So vast and timeless—

Faith is knowing
That Love is the Ground.
Love cannot be harmed
By thought-driven acts,
By physical motion—

Anger requires a story
Which fuels its fire,
Love has no time,
No memory,
No past, present, future,
But is timeless Life,
Shining Life.

Faith is knowing
That Love discriminates not,
But permeates all
And everyone—

If blindness will awaken
To light,
The light must shine brighter,
Blindingly bright,
Like the sun,
But not with fire,
But with Love.

The fire of Love.

Duality No.3

Friday, 30 September 2022

An Early Autumn Morning Question


A quiet question this morning (Sept 30, 2022):

How does one arrive upon the extraordinary initiation into the significance of holistic inquiry? Must there be a gap in the thought process, a quiet mind so to speak? Is the thought-based mode of reality hijacking the underlying current of motionless truth and being? There is the beauty of a sunset. This is easy. But is there also beauty in the basic act of life? Is there a beauty which underlies both the orderly and disorderly? There is pain, either inside or outside, and there is compassion which is not pity. Because pity implies comparison, whereas compassion is whole. Then under this compassion is Love. This love has no beginning and end, but is a field so to speak. Is this Love endless beauty?, quiet attention?, simple being?

Thank you for reading. This is my passion: inquiry into truth, beauty and liberation. I know there is a field of pure bliss and light united without the barrier of inside and outside. I know that public education is basically mistaken in the focus on ranking and competition. I know international affairs is basically an extension of immature, self-centered activity and will never lead to peace unless swallowed in Love through some miraculous insight on a mass scale. And when one acknowledges such facts, there must inevitably be an inquiry into the field of goodness which we rob ourselves of when we are distracted by competition. So, this is the fuel behind my work. When I come upon the quiet, peaceful flame of beauty, Love and inspiration, my hand and mind is then informed by that which has real value, Art and beauty. And this must be true for everyone in their work because Art is not limited to fine arts, visual arts, performing arts, etc., but extends into all of Life. (Check Coomaraswamy's writings on Art) There is a cosmic intelligence, and this underlies the egoic mind. 
Stopping to breathe
The crisp morning air,
The fire of the mind
Is doused with a pail.

Silence prevails,
Both outside and in,
Then the shrill cry of the gull
Courses through the damp air,
And this immanent sound,
Again reminds one of the whole,
Timeless, Act of Life.

Arch No.5 - 2017