Wednesday 22 May 2024

Form and Formless No.12 - with description including reference to art and beauty in general

The simplicity in form conceals a greater complexity upon longer viewing. Form and Formless No.12 in fir was conceived on the sketch page with the precise angles and proportions seen here in the final piece. The sensitivity and subtlety of the form always baffles the sculptor in its implications regarding the laws of nature, perception and existence. The conclusion is made, that art, form and nature contain a beauty and mystery infinitely revealing in depth, and we as humans can dip into this beauty as long and as far as desired without ever exhausting its possibilities.

To the sculptor, the piece constantly reminds of a "key to truth hanging on the wall", where the form and its absence are in eternal communication, forever engaged in an inextricable relationship of total wholeness, beyond the fragmented patterns of dualistic reality.


Form and Formless No.12 - 2024


Tuesday 2 April 2024

What is Art?



Contemplation on the falseness of ordinary perception results in the revelation of a very quiet mental mode where beauty is all. The motion of the bird in the tree carries a delicate purity.

Art comes from this mode of being. It can be shooting an arrow, fine cuisine, constructing a cement wall, speaking with elegance and lucidity, taking care of a sick person, even just sitting. Life is Art if action springs forth from this mode of wholeness.

The Motions of Life - a poem


The motions of life
In their natural course
Showing signs
And symbols
Of grand order
We dance with the rhythms
Of the cosmos
And feel that
Overwhelming sense
Of joy
The beauty of a falling leaf,
A raging protest,
Or a drifting canoe;
The pure love seeps
Through all

Tuesday 26 March 2024

Reception No.1 - With a Short Poem


Reception No.1 - 2018

The compassion of absence—
The soft reception
Of emptiness—
The bed of nothing
Upon which we return
Every moment
In unceasing peace,
Tranquility, light,
Joy, surrender,

Monday 25 March 2024

Self Judge: A Short Poem


Self Judge

Incessant effort
To convince myself
I am worthy
Of my self judgements

These judgements
Are learned
From the crowd

We suffer collectively

Rejecting all that is false,
Turning toward truth,
Finding truth
In being


Monday 26 February 2024

The Opening of Space No.2 - 2023 - The Inspiration From Which the Form and Title Were Drawn


The Opening of Space No.2 - 2023

In this title, space refers to that non-physical, non-electromagnetic space. What is this space? In the popular mind state there is a tendency to accumulate ideas, holding bundles of them, projecting same and modifying them in a seemingly endless cycle. Perhaps this existential space, the reflection of which being the physical art object, begins to "open" through the negation of these accumulated falsehoods (ultimately arriving at the falseness of conventional time, dualistic thought and fear which constitute the foundation of the whole false reality in general). 

The next question is "How does negation of falsehoods occur?". There are two ways of seeing. The conventional way is through dualistic thought, through this false perception based on comparison, this narrative of our "life". Looking at one's thoughts and beliefs this way only continues the same cycle of fragmentation. The second way of seeing is holistic observation. Seeing this way results in realizations where something dies. That which dies no longer occupies and obstructs this shining light of silent love.
The Opening of Space No.2 - 2023


Thursday 22 February 2024

The Inclusive Nature of Events — Sculpture and Titling Process (specific and general)


The Inclusive Nature of Events No.1

Languages spread ironically between warring states. We are influenced by the environment whether pleasant or otherwise. Feelings of isolation are psychological and ultimately false. We are the whole, this vast masterpiece that is the cosmos. Our human life can be sailing on the ocean of Love, in a boat of Love, experienced by Love.

Thus is the inspiration for the title of this piece. The title is discovered through contemplation of the drawing of the form prior to carving. Through contemplation on the form, the essence or Idea of the form is met with and it is from this Idea or "Form" whence a title or "name" manifests. There are potentially multiple possible titles and the chosen ones are filtered by the persona, but as long as it is a manifestation of the Idea, it will be a "true" title.

Thus, the title is poetry.
The Inclusive Nature of Events No.1 - 2021