Thursday 4 June 2020

Softly Skipping From Stone to Stone

Softly skipping from stone to stone,
the evanescent curtain appears before

The shimmering blue and silver hues
ripple and wave in weightless obscurity–

The world transformed in a slicing instant,
what stood before one is all around one–

Engulfed in eternity, the heart beats
in timeless pulses, drumming out rings
of colourless waves, fusing with nothingness–

The silent scream, echoes across the earth
as crusts tremble and seas swell
with momentous humility and unspoken truth–

In humiliating recognition,
the head turns down and in,
only to find that neutral intensity of grace and clarity,
the sea of colourless waters,
the pure essence of love and gratitude,
which flows through every atom
and lifts every chin in exaltation and life.

MS 2020

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