Monday 30 January 2023

Morning Poem


Morning Poem
As the warm glow gradually
Intensifies above the rocky hills
The soft light of a new day is upon us—
Yet, the hypnosis persists,
The incessant mistakes—
Digging own graves
Of unrooted misery
By turning away
From thirst quenching Truth—
A moment's rest
And infinity floods in—
The divine purity
Is always.
Opportunity No.2


Wednesday 18 January 2023

Arch No.40 with description


Arch No.40
W 6.5"
Western Red Cedar, Stucco, Acrylic, Wax

Although I am certainly inspired by geological and life forms, I do not usually sculpt specific ones. The subject matter for the pieces is found directly from the realm of geometry (often curvilinear). The themes are inspired by metaphysical inquiry where I find the most beautiful truth and ideas. Arch No.40 takes on the bifurcated form again, this time with a ceramic stucco exterior contrasted with a smooth waxed interior. The two "plates" approach one another forming a narrow canal between them. The theme of unity is again at work behind, surrounding at throughout the dyadic interplay of form.