Monday 6 March 2023

Two Titles of Sculptures with Significant Relationship Towards One Another


Two pieces from 2017 and 2018 with an explanation of the significance of the titles and the evolution thereof:

Reach No.1 - yellow cedar - 2017
Unsought Terminus No.1 - western red cedar - 2018
Reach No.1
Unsought Terminus No.1   
Reach No.1 illustrates the desire for liberation but the feeling of a membrane prevents the exit. In retrospect, this membrane is indeed illusory—and that is good news in general : )

This anecdotal idea comes to a resolution with Unsought Terminus No.1 which can be interpreted as an ending or exit (which is necessary for a "new birth" or revelation to occur) which ironically comes about after the positive effort is put aside. This effort follows an idea constructed by memory and thought which is not the actual and is therefore a futile activity.

Now in retrospect of the titling of this piece, the detailed explanation of how this comes about was still unclear to me at the time and the title thus refers to a description of the phenomenon but goes no further. The active cause of the termination of a false entrapment is a negative process, or an inquiry into what is (with the inherent/simultaneous result of its termination). Through insight (which we define as a total understanding as opposed to fragmented or analytical understanding) into what is, the falseness is seen and the fictional belief looses its existential power (it ends). To be clear, what is, is the positive effort based on the desire as we mentioned before. So, in effect, seeing the futility of this general process of thought (as an attempt to find liberation), leads to the very liberation which was sought after in the first place.

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Sunday 5 March 2023

Though-Based Reality No.2 - 2019 - With Inspirational Sources

Thought-Based Reality No.2 in an outdoor setting + rant with inspirational sources (at the end) : ) Enjoy.
-Knife-finished exterior, gouge-finished interior
-Carbon-black painted interior representing vast depth
-Leather strip inlay (bordering white tip)
-Intuitive expression of illusory reality/maya/dualistic reality
-There is liberation from this utter falseness. This requires firstly vigour, passion, awareness, strength and intellect; then trust, love, death (of falseness), clarity (of perception); after which comes bliss, Love, wholeness, unity, compassion and the revelation of true immortality/divinity.
-Despite what the dualistic mind may think, liberation is not the direct result of: conclusions, theory, protest, reaction, aggressiveness, temporary heightened states (like drug induced ones), forming of groups or other isolative activity, escapism, inactivity, etc. These are all still thought-based actions (with the exception of temporary states, which is a different matter for discussion). Many claim to be on the side of liberation but have no idea what true liberation means and therefore give liberation a bad name. This is why you see so many rational people reject the idea all together. This is a mess. There is true teaching available and some that I back are:
-J. Krishnamurti (but disregard the discussions that try to probe into the literature because he has not read the scriptures, metaphysical literature, etc.): The value of Krishnamurti's teachings are in his raw message from his direct perception. Period. The worth of listening is in so far as the listener goes through a process of radical insights and "core restructuring" (in my term). He will remind us over and over again, that "This is not a lecture. This is not a form of entertainment." And he urges us to listen completely, giving our total attention to what is.
-Ken Wheeler (aka Theoria Apophasis): Ken is the most refreshing mind I have come across on the connections between metaphysics and physics (specifically magnetism). His recommended readings will unlock the dormant intellect. I have been reading from this list for the past 3 years and I can say how appreciative I am that I didn't waste any more of my life reading garbage (which is 90% of the material out there). I could write volumes about Ken Wheeler but better to check him out yourself on youtube under his pseudonym mentioned above. He has videos split into 4 main categories: metaphysics, magnetism, current affairs and photography. I am referring to the first two subjects of course.
-Upanishads translated by Nikhilananda: The Upanishads comprise the metaphysical part of the Vedas. Their purpose is to reveal to us through our inquiry and contemplation, the actuality or Truth of Brahman (the absolute).
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