Thursday 20 August 2020

The Answers Were There - A Short Poem

 The wanderer traverses
Vast lands
In search of the jewell—

On the journey
Short glimpses do disturb,
Slightly stirring up
Vast questions—

Beneath the encrusted
Questions, the answers
Were always there,
Shining in the darkness
Of quiet suffocation
And smothering damnation—

The innocence of an animal,
The infinitesimal divisions of time,
The unceasing motion,
And the smiling heart.


The Essence of Relationship No.1 - 2020 


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Sunday 9 August 2020

A morning note

The stillness of the morning air
Spreading misty forest fumes
Across the horizon—

The million year old scents
Do tint the city scape
With reminders of old—

And presently,
The sweet combo
Of rather classical tech
Amidst the mother's
Arms and breath
Does send shockwaves
Of potential and vitality
Purging through the spine.


Thursday 6 August 2020

Another Day

Another Day

Volumes of light rain
Gently descended
Upon the city streets—

The quiet morning
Was accented by
The light grey uniform sky
And the unperturbed call
Of the gull—

The slight sway of the trees
Reminded the scene was real
And not a photograph,
The day was about to begin,
A day like billions before it,
Through trillions of eyes,
Ears and hands.
Could all this activity
Lead back to one mind?—
The heart of man,
The heart of love?