Wednesday 30 August 2017

The Music Plays Non-Stop

It is said that Murakami Haruki, the author of 'Norwegian Wood", loved jazz and it influenced his writing. I would describe his work as having a strong element of surrealism to it but more predominant is his flow of story. One structure he has used is: alternating stories in sequential chapters, back and forth, back and forth. They are distinctly separate stories narrative-wise but undoubtedly they are related in other less obvious ways. Those ways are part of the flow, because the reader must feel the writing and make their own connections over the course of the book. These connections, whether they are emotional, subconscious or intuitive, paint the reader's experience.

Blues, a predecessor of jazz, started from the "calls and answers" pattern.

The not so rare condition of synesthesia transfers stimuli between different senses. Without being diagnosed with this condition, there is still an intuitive connection between colours, form and music. Red is harsh, etc.

I keep thinking of the drums in Africa because it is so simple and pure. It is like the essence of music - percussive rhythm in the open air. It is such an integral part of most if not all cultures. The time allotted for music is intermittently structured over the course of our living.

The man with headphones on the train wants to hear that particular music at that particular time - to pass the time, to enjoy, to uplift. We set music for our background at coffee shops or during dinner. Music is an integral part of a good film. The hammering of the construction work is not in rhythm so it is not enjoyable. Stomp, the famous show, puts these noises into a musical framework and it is blissful.

I study music theory from time to time and implement it in my ongoing improvisational piano playing. I learn the structures of harmony and intervals. I test it out, add it in. I develop an understanding for the tonal relationships. This musical testing is playing in the distant background of my awareness as I sketch forms on paper, as I carve forms from wood, as I make bridges between the parts of a sculpture through the use of curves and contours.

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Tuesday 29 August 2017

Praising Social Media

I sit here eating dinner-dumpling soup at my computer, on a cushion (Japanese style) with the fan blowing to keep this hot 3rd floor apartment in Surrey, BC tolerable. You could feel the intensity of the sun this evening as I walked home from the nearby Starbucks attached to the mall across the street. As I write Chiha is on the balcony trying to catch a breeze.

I contemplate the day filled with social media activity. I started having a reaction to social media about 6 years ago when I decided to close down my Facebook account due to inactivity and a sense of irresponsibility that went with its lack of use. I felt I could not devote the amount of time it took to properly attend to it. About 2 months ago it was time for me to open an Instagram account. I had to be convinced strongly to begin using it by a friend and teacher. Before that night came to a close I was a changed man. My ideas built around the platform were mostly false and my experience using it was different then anything I had expected. But that was enough for me. Just one was good - I could take full command over its use and it did not consume more of my time then I was willing to give. Then there was today - I wrote my first blog, signed up for Facebook with a new account, and I am an active tweeter. This is where I sit tonight.

I reestablished connections with people I had not contacted in years. I communicated with strangers from across the globe, people that yesterday I did not know existed - people that I could connect with not only due to the technology but also the subject. I did not anticipate such "traveling" when I woke up this morning. We are living in extraordinary times - really extraordinary. I contemplate this and I have gratitude in my humility - knowing I had false ideas.

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What "Behind The Wood Forms" blog is all about

A Blog About Sculptural Wood Forms Gets Its Debut

How can one write about sculptures alone? The link between the art and the life is full of interesting stories and experiences to share. This blog will be the background in my artistic journey as I create these wood forms. It will present the connection of the living with the sculpting. After all, to get the inspiration to keep creating abstract forms, there must be some source for the passion. That's what this blog is all about.

Stay tuned...

The wood forms can always be found at: