Sunday 12 December 2021

Wintry Symbols

Icey Winter Ornament - MS 2021
Wintry Symbols

The textured note,
How minute in scale,
To dissect and split
And measure the woven waves—

Yet breathing life,
The ears receive
Pristine chimes
And enchanted tunes—

The wintry symbols,
So clear in form
(The star, the wreath, the bell)
Put mind at ease
And light the heart
With warmth amidst the frost—

From macrocosmic cut-outs
To natural forms in paper,
The shapes bring forth
Their light and truth
Pointing thus to
A loving world,
A timeless


(The following are some parts I cut out of the revision but feel they have some potency yet):

The unchanging Forms
With multitudinous reflections
In paper, in plastic, in gold
Do embody the unspeakable truths—

On these wintry days
When warmth we seek,
A bell, a cane, a ball, a flake—
May bring a song, a lucid tune
To light our hearts aflame.

Sunday 5 December 2021

Non-Local Movement No.8


Non-Local Movement No.8

The Non-Local Movement series refers to the idea of a timeless field ungraspable by time-bound cognition. The notion of "instantaneous action at a distance" is related to this.

The busy thoughts
Like criss-crossing highways
Seen from above
Course through my mind
Consuming power
And unceasing—

The Notion arises,
The quenching brook
Trickles through
And gently
Washes away
All confusion.


This, the 8th of the series embodies contrasting motion, in both material and space. The formless shape, only visible through the embracing wood form may move attention away from thoughts and into the spacious realm of timeless quietude.