Wednesday 24 January 2018

A Commoner's Hypothesis on the Metaphysics of Insight

Possibly good news for homosapiens.

It is possible that the end of confusion has always been here.

As we all know, communication has its limitations and obstacles. A simple example is: if the listener is sleepy, how can they clearly understand what the speaker is saying. A more complicated example is: the listener misinterprets what is being said due to their own particular patterns of comprehension and understanding of certain concepts and words. So, what do I mean by the word "confusion" in this context? I mean the deepest most fundamental confusion that we are plagued with as human beings, the confusion which prompts such questions as: What is the meaning of life?, What is happiness?, etc.

Now that that is clear, allow me to explain my claim.

As we typically rely on the fields of science, religion, etc. for guidance and supply of knowledge, we may find ourselves "waiting" for the "revelation" to come from the outer world. In science for example, as we are in the quantum era, we have discovered the limitation of classical methods of observation when coming into "contact" with quantum particles which behave in a non-classical way. The link between matter and the unmanifested dimension has been stumbled upon. Electrons may be here or there or both places at the same time. They clearly transcend the limitations of the time-space field.

Can we be internal scientists and make clear observations through awareness? Can the answer to our deepest confusion be found through clarity of "seeing" inwardly? When I say "clear", I mean insights, and realizations that come in a flash (seemingly from a dimension different then space-time). So, I distinguish between conceptual ideas and insights here.
Inward investigation and laboratory science share something in common: we seek to discover what is already there. The only way we can find out if "inward science" works is to start conducting experiments in this vast laboratory of the mind.

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