Friday 29 April 2022

Undulating Waters

Arch No.21 - 2022


The undulating waters,
Endless in depth and breadth—
Here before us,
Before birth and death—
Sailing timelessly
Across infinite horizons—
Finding invisible solitude,
Strength and friendship
Amidst countless waves of Life.


Thursday 21 April 2022

Non-Local Movement No.9 - With Concept

Non-Local Movement No.9 - 2022


Non-Local Movement No.9

What can you do without energy?
Energy flow is health. Health is wholeness. Mental illness is a product of fragmentation, separation, isolation—the more concentrated, the worse. What is holistic mentality? Thought is always fragmented—it's inherent in its very nature—so a reality based on thought will always lead to confusion and suffering. This leaves a different field of the mind, a field different from thought (which will use orderly, practical thought, but is not driven blindly by thought). This is the subject of inspiration for this series of sculptures. Is there a "movement" or force from the intelligible realm (non-dualistic, "heart intelligence"), from an hypostasis, an underlying, unmanifested substance?

This piece, the 9th in the series, uses multidirectional motion, both in the material and its absence (absence being a dualistic and therefore unreal idea), to metaphorically and conceptually suggest the notion of a non-local field of motion or force, the recognition of which will complete the search for wholeness in the mind.

Thursday 14 April 2022

Fear and Love

Swept along the
Current of darkness
Blindly grasping
At illusory forms 
The distant laughter
Ensures one of light
Light yet to be seen
In this tunnel of fear.
That loving grace
Felt deeply within,
Is working without
In equal part
Where desire hasn't place
One silently retreats.
In quiet surrender
Arms fitfully flail
The laughter louder,
It's an inner sound.
The inaudible light
A dawning without start
Forgotten smiles pulled wide
With atrophied freshness
Gasping for air
Now pure and clear
Eyes open, heart too,
The rising sun does emerge
Changing threatening rivers
Into nurturing lakes
Replacing fear with love
And death with life.