Sunday 4 December 2022

Acting: a short poem, with an explanation of poetic approach


With strings to the past
Like a marionette
Tethered to a memorial beast.
Never ceasing,
The drooling monster
Continues pulling strings.
Limbs acquiescing
To the Mindless impulses
Of this cognitive machine.

The cool orange
Hint of daylight
Emerges upwards
Above the rolling hills
Through the narrow slit
In the blanket of clouds.
The day is beginning.
A new day
Where Act will flower
With every pulse
And every breath
Of pure life
And endless bliss.


*Just a note on my poetic approach for those who are interested:
There are different ways of using poetry. I use poetry as another means to convey a deeper metaphysical message. What do I mean when I say metaphysical? There is a division between philosophy based on the validation of theories and conclusions which are more concerned with winning the argument than at arriving at the one truth, and there is philosophy which is for the purpose of revelation and ascension. It is the latter with which I am interested. What drives my poems is an inspiration, a flame which works through the cognitive faculty to produce something which contains that flame. Without this, I don't write poetry. It is a prerequisite. I think this inspiration or flame is emerging from the heart field, associated with the heart shakra; and I consider metaphysics to be concerned with the conscious ordering of the "non-moving" activity Known from this field.