Saturday 26 November 2022

Craft and Gravity: a poem


Material curvature,
Molded by hands,
The heart flows
Through the fingers
Infusing the material
With pulsing life.

Take a seat,
Feel the armrest,
The bend, the give,
The chair receives
Your weight—

Gravity connects all
Physically and divinely,
The earthly, nay, cosmic reminder
Of renewable life
And constant flux.



Thursday 3 November 2022

Arch No.33 (description with poem)



The 33rd of the Arch series takes the bifurcated form for the second time, but in yellow cedar (the first, Arch No.32, was in red cedar) which exhibits a subdued natural grain. The sculpture thus preserves its light cream colour, a very pure and calming hue which invites attention quietly. The incipient emergence of two forms from the single and whole form not only symbolizes the ultimate unity of the dyad, but also raises geometric questions of relationship and meaning therein. As, the sense of the form varies drastically depending on the angle of view (appears to have two distinct components from the front, yet its unity is clearly betrayed (visible) from the side views as the shallow concave system is revealed), the form thus encourages the viewer to explore and discover.

The continuous yet divided
Merges yet separates,
Envelops yet is contained,
Connects yet remains alone,
And acts yet acts not
For it exists simply
As an illusion.



Arch No.33 - 2022