Friday, 30 September 2022

An Early Autumn Morning Question


A quiet question this morning (Sept 30, 2022):

How does one arrive upon the extraordinary initiation into the significance of holistic inquiry? Must there be a gap in the thought process, a quiet mind so to speak? Is the thought-based mode of reality hijacking the underlying current of motionless truth and being? There is the beauty of a sunset. This is easy. But is there also beauty in the basic act of life? Is there a beauty which underlies both the orderly and disorderly? There is pain, either inside or outside, and there is compassion which is not pity. Because pity implies comparison, whereas compassion is whole. Then under this compassion is Love. This love has no beginning and end, but is a field so to speak. Is this Love endless beauty?, quiet attention?, simple being?

Thank you for reading. This is my passion: inquiry into truth, beauty and liberation. I know there is a field of pure bliss and light united without the barrier of inside and outside. I know that public education is basically mistaken in the focus on ranking and competition. I know international affairs is basically an extension of immature, self-centered activity and will never lead to peace unless swallowed in Love through some miraculous insight on a mass scale. And when one acknowledges such facts, there must inevitably be an inquiry into the field of goodness which we rob ourselves of when we are distracted by competition. So, this is the fuel behind my work. When I come upon the quiet, peaceful flame of beauty, Love and inspiration, my hand and mind is then informed by that which has real value, Art and beauty. And this must be true for everyone in their work because Art is not limited to fine arts, visual arts, performing arts, etc., but extends into all of Life. (Check Coomaraswamy's writings on Art) There is a cosmic intelligence, and this underlies the egoic mind. 
Stopping to breathe
The crisp morning air,
The fire of the mind
Is doused with a pail.

Silence prevails,
Both outside and in,
Then the shrill cry of the gull
Courses through the damp air,
And this immanent sound,
Again reminds one of the whole,
Timeless, Act of Life.

Arch No.5 - 2017


Monday, 9 May 2022

Thematic Spotlight: Everything Has Meaning


There is meaning behind every object, so-called event, action, perception, etc. In this so-called life, there is meaning behind everything. A perception of life without meaning is involved in misery.

My sculptural work is largely metaphysically based, meaning I derive inspiration from core geometric concepts and truthful discoveries concerning the mind and nature. I am grateful to have been exposed to the ideas discriminating between argumentative philosophy (endless and superficial) on the one hand and messages which point to truths behind the logic and words on the other hand. It is the latter which leads to real discovery and real truth, which in the words of J. Krishnamurti "[Truth] is a pathless land"—meaning it is not an object of discovery, but rather a "field" of course outside of space and time and therefore nor a product of thought. The implications of this statement are beautiful if allowed to unfold.

Thematic spotlight: Everything has meaning, from the cosmic to the microscopic and everything in between, every single thing you can sense or imagine.

1. How is this connected to the so-called divine? This is a complex subject which can be researched by starting with Uzdavinys' "Philosophy as a Rite of Rebirth" which examines mainly Egyptian, Greek and Indian metaphysics. However, I will say briefly: Everything is divine. The material world is not separate from the divine—how could it be? If the divine exists, which it must (saving the definition of divine for some other written place), it could not possibly be separate from so-called material reality (read my relevant blog entries at

2. Geometrically, forms are significant. Topological forms, for example, are significant in the following way: if you aren't familiar with topology, it involves the categorization of shapes based on the continuity/connectivity of their surface. For example, a sphere is distinct from a torus or doughnut because the latter has one hole in it. Something like an "8" shape would again be distinct because it has two holes in it, and so on. How does this significance appear in the "world outside of math"? A ring's utility is undeniable (as a hula-hoop, handle, wheel, etc.). An "8" shape could be extended topologically to include a rope with a loop on either end. The significance of this to tether two objects together is undeniable.

3. If my form, say a "Bipod" form, has a specific number of areas in contact with the ground (in this case two), this has meaning both structurally and metaphysically. Therefore, the number 2 also has meaning both naturally/physically and intellectually.

All that said, it may be of interest to note that my process generally involves allowing creative insight to emerge within a general structure of limitations. I do not normally attempt to piece together a whole form with a variety of partial meanings but rather allow the whole form to take shape and then attempt to decode the real (not imaginary) meaning afterwords. Of course, my personal flavour may be present superficially in the description but my objective is to get to the core, essence or truth of the form (see Platonic Forms)—the meaning which is constant for all of us. So, you can see I am concerned with core truths, which is what metaphysics should be concerned with. As A.K. Coomaraswamy pointed out, [all] Artworks (everything manufactured should be treated as such (as an artwork), unlike the prevalent modern industrial values) is not the end but a means to an [intellectual] end. I would say, it's a means to a divine end. 
Lastly, what is implied on an everyday level by the notions that firstly, "everything has meaning" and secondly, "everything produced should be seen as a work of Art". Well, it is plain to see that there is presently much in our world which is in opposition to these statements, so these propositions may serve as a dim flame amidst a smoggy darkness.

Duality No.3

Friday, 29 April 2022

Undulating Waters

Arch No.21 - 2022


The undulating waters,
Endless in depth and breadth—
Here before us,
Before birth and death—
Sailing timelessly
Across infinite horizons—
Finding invisible solitude,
Strength and friendship
Amidst countless waves of Life.


Thursday, 21 April 2022

Non-Local Movement No.9 - With Concept

Non-Local Movement No.9 - 2022


Non-Local Movement No.9

What can you do without energy?
Energy flow is health. Health is wholeness. Mental illness is a product of fragmentation, separation, isolation—the more concentrated, the worse. What is holistic mentality? Thought is always fragmented—it's inherent in its very nature—so a reality based on thought will always lead to confusion and suffering. This leaves a different field of the mind, a field different from thought (which will use orderly, practical thought, but is not driven blindly by thought). This is the subject of inspiration for this series of sculptures. Is there a "movement" or force from the intelligible realm (non-dualistic, "heart intelligence"), from an hypostasis, an underlying, unmanifested substance?

This piece, the 9th in the series, uses multidirectional motion, both in the material and its absence (absence being a dualistic and therefore unreal idea), to metaphorically and conceptually suggest the notion of a non-local field of motion or force, the recognition of which will complete the search for wholeness in the mind.

Thursday, 14 April 2022

Fear and Love

Swept along the
Current of darkness
Blindly grasping
At illusory forms 
The distant laughter
Ensures one of light
Light yet to be seen
In this tunnel of fear.
That loving grace
Felt deeply within,
Is working without
In equal part
Where desire hasn't place
One silently retreats.
In quiet surrender
Arms fitfully flail
The laughter louder,
It's an inner sound.
The inaudible light
A dawning without start
Forgotten smiles pulled wide
With atrophied freshness
Gasping for air
Now pure and clear
Eyes open, heart too,
The rising sun does emerge
Changing threatening rivers
Into nurturing lakes
Replacing fear with love
And death with life.

Tuesday, 22 March 2022



Raking up the scattered fragments of neglected memories like soggy leaves left to freeze in the wet and cold coastal winter—
Melancholic events suspended by invisible strings dangling above a crib like a baby's mobile, hardly moving—
The numbness from incessant stories told and retold with slight variation over weeks, years and centuries; a reminder of our simple motives and carnal desires—
Dimly glowing through the deep fog, the torch of humanity, never ceasing to twist and dance in the endless evening of the past—
Towards the fire we look, like ancestral cave dwellers; without thought the mind is quiet, focused and awake. We thirst for simple peace amidst the threat of neighbours; no time for dread or waiting in vain, for now is the only now, the eternal now, the now of centuries before and of centuries to come. The love impregnates the dirty faces.

Tuesday, 22 February 2022



Always there
Even when unlit;
The dim embers,
Weakened by neglect
Yet haunting in potential—

The fear of the distant future,
Incessantly nibbling at Peace,
Yet in itself, non-existent
Aside from its dreamy landscape
Of threatening horrors—

The home of the heart,
Our first and only Love,
Doth remain with all
In invisible strength
And timeless energy,
The light of presence
Amidst the dark,
The cold.


Tuesday, 8 February 2022

The Curving Plane


Swept away
By fantastic stories
Fuelled by real passions
And tormented psyches—
Off to the land of
Deluded realities
And false guidance—
But yonder,
Yet again,
The sun doth rise,
The fiery lighthouse
Dawns on the curving plane,
(The sphere of continuity),
The bountiful rock
Of uncountable yesterdays.
A full breath of lush air
Does impregnate the night
And release the day
Of its natural charms and perfumes,
Its atmospheric gift to Mother,
Its strings and fields of oneness.

Sunday, 2 January 2022

Counting the Days


Counting the Days

The fierce wind
Like the wrath of the Anemoi
Tears through the place
In powerful surges
Disrupting the dirt and dust
And the stagnant memories
Of yesteryear—

The unknown forces
Acting within us,
Awakened by those without us,
Send us scurrying
Into our dark holes of hibernation
Where unbeknownst to us
We maintain and nourish
The agony and misery of humanity—
Yet, we may once again find that spark,
That candle light, dim yet vibrant
Which will guide us into the rays of sun,
Shining down on a land and ocean
Of boundless Life,
Illuminating a sky of vast potential
And ethereal inspiration
Moving the entire earth
To glow and dance,
To breathe and pulse
On the endless day
Of days we need not count.