Friday 30 April 2021

The Impenetrable Field No.1

Basic Futility!
One rests in
Ironic glee—

The unsought terminus
Is upon one
As the pure stream
Resumes once more
Its unceasing readiness
To flow and heal,
Like Nature's movement
In the birds, the trees,
The wind, sky and sun—

Rest knowing
The Pursuits
Are in vain,
For the impenetrable field,
The Love, is unending and always


The Impenetrable Field No.1 - 2021


Sunday 11 April 2021

Notes No.1



There is so much awe in a simple flower.
Life is beyond richness—
It's beyond the division
Of "the flower" and "the me".
In the act of looking
The object and subject
Are not, but there is only
The singularity of Act.
The divisive "reality of thoughts"
(The separative beliefs)
Is not the Truth.
It's imaginary, constructed,
When the thoughts quiet,
The beauty flows in.
The beauty of a stranger
Walking along the path,
The beauty of a single falling leaf,
The beauty of a cloud
Moving between the sun
And the looker.
The ugliness of expectations
Allows not room
For sweet appreciation,
Loving gratitude,
And a healthy heart.
There is not anything
Quite as beautiful
As the exchange of smiles
Between two Loving