Thursday 25 November 2021

Free Write and Poem


Appearance of Being No.2
Free write for this quiet, rainy, serene Thursday morning in Guildford, Surrey, BC, Canada, North America, America, "West" (sarcasm), Earth, Systema Solaris, Milky Way (named from its appearance from the earth's point of view).

Our own planet continues to mystify.
How much more the galaxy!
Yet a partial name from an internal perspective (as we are part of the milky way) it is. A simple and poetic description of such a majestically moving body which we can never Know—not through observable data (or even hyperlogical induction) that is. Heresay has me believe there have been and maybe are some who can access direct Knowledge of "heavenly" ("archaic" use) bodies. Is it true or a myth?, yet how much Truth do "myths" (ancient) carry? I say "boundless" amounts packed into symbols. This is why archetypal symbols found in various cultures are so "delectable".

Now, what is behind this curtain of "life". I use "life" in a presumptive way to refer to a "common" way of perceiving. I am inclined to accept the outlook from the centre, the me, to be like naming the milky way based on its appearance from a specific interior view point. This is clearly limited, fragmented and partial at best, totally false at worst.

Behind the curtain,
The metaphorical curtain,
Woven with fibres of fear—

Flashing in and out of existence
The curtain, not real
But a mode,
A description of a mode,
A mode so deceptive,
So stimulating to the core—

This spherical curtain
Within which I abide,
Nature's virtual reality,
The Cosmic Joke.


The poem is structured as if getting glimpses (like a shutter opening and closing) of a pulsating and continuous thematic object (the curtain) beyond. This enables brevity if not abrupt omission, and multidirectional approach (cubist, if you will). Did you notice the last line of the poem reflects the last line of the preceeding text?

Tuesday 23 November 2021

An anecdote and a poem


Parallel Forces No.6

An anecdote and a poem:

For some reason, all the people I interacted with in my community today seemed to be shining internally. Can you believe it? I didn't get a "nasty attitude" from anyone! I will mention one of them: the place I ordered curry for lunch. The rice was truly beautiful. There was an essence to it—the artful way it was made echoed centuries of cultural evolution. I know I cannot make rice like that at home, I just don't have that kind of cultural knowledge and memory in me. It's like the cook was not playing the role of the cook but had the beauty of the craft flowing through his being. After eating the palak paneer, I was invigorated. The freshness and quality of the ingredients are not the only factors at work here. Anyway, the vitality which I came in contact with today oxygenated my internal flame and inspired the following poem.

Anything and everything—
The pristine clarity of Love—

Moments are moving,
Time factors not—

The crystalline World
Asks not for a thing—

The silence prevails
Underneath the act.


Wednesday 10 November 2021

A Short Dialectic on Art


A Short Dialectic on Art
In order to improve something, something has to change; like when humanity learned that the earth is not flat. At that time, our understanding of the solar system improved. So improving our understanding of nature must involve a change—either new knowledge or remembering forgotten knowledge. What I'd like to share here is something that I think fits into the second category.
The question is: What is art?
A: Art is action done properly. This includes riding a bike.
Q: No, I won't accept this. Painting an artful picture requires something extra.
A: False. That which you think is extra is actually ordinary. When someone does anything with a sense of beauty and order, they are using the same faculty as a painter. The difference is a superficial one. The painter has knowledge and skill with colour, form, composition, etc. and the biker has riding skills. If one has skills in playing baseball, they can play it beautifully. Every action has the potential to be artful.
Q: So, why is this important?
A: Because we have been taught to believe that art is something different from everyday activities and therefore fail to understand the beauty of just being alive. The greed of modern society has blinded us from this ancient understanding of art. In order to become richer, we have crossed the moral line and sacrificed the beauty (art) in products, work, business, services, etc.