Sunday 12 December 2021

Wintry Symbols

Icey Winter Ornament - MS 2021
Wintry Symbols

The textured note,
How minute in scale,
To dissect and split
And measure the woven waves—

Yet breathing life,
The ears receive
Pristine chimes
And enchanted tunes—

The wintry symbols,
So clear in form
(The star, the wreath, the bell)
Put mind at ease
And light the heart
With warmth amidst the frost—

From macrocosmic cut-outs
To natural forms in paper,
The shapes bring forth
Their light and truth
Pointing thus to
A loving world,
A timeless


(The following are some parts I cut out of the revision but feel they have some potency yet):

The unchanging Forms
With multitudinous reflections
In paper, in plastic, in gold
Do embody the unspeakable truths—

On these wintry days
When warmth we seek,
A bell, a cane, a ball, a flake—
May bring a song, a lucid tune
To light our hearts aflame.

Sunday 5 December 2021

Non-Local Movement No.8


Non-Local Movement No.8

The Non-Local Movement series refers to the idea of a timeless field ungraspable by time-bound cognition. The notion of "instantaneous action at a distance" is related to this.

The busy thoughts
Like criss-crossing highways
Seen from above
Course through my mind
Consuming power
And unceasing—

The Notion arises,
The quenching brook
Trickles through
And gently
Washes away
All confusion.


This, the 8th of the series embodies contrasting motion, in both material and space. The formless shape, only visible through the embracing wood form may move attention away from thoughts and into the spacious realm of timeless quietude.

Thursday 25 November 2021

Free Write and Poem


Appearance of Being No.2
Free write for this quiet, rainy, serene Thursday morning in Guildford, Surrey, BC, Canada, North America, America, "West" (sarcasm), Earth, Systema Solaris, Milky Way (named from its appearance from the earth's point of view).

Our own planet continues to mystify.
How much more the galaxy!
Yet a partial name from an internal perspective (as we are part of the milky way) it is. A simple and poetic description of such a majestically moving body which we can never Know—not through observable data (or even hyperlogical induction) that is. Heresay has me believe there have been and maybe are some who can access direct Knowledge of "heavenly" ("archaic" use) bodies. Is it true or a myth?, yet how much Truth do "myths" (ancient) carry? I say "boundless" amounts packed into symbols. This is why archetypal symbols found in various cultures are so "delectable".

Now, what is behind this curtain of "life". I use "life" in a presumptive way to refer to a "common" way of perceiving. I am inclined to accept the outlook from the centre, the me, to be like naming the milky way based on its appearance from a specific interior view point. This is clearly limited, fragmented and partial at best, totally false at worst.

Behind the curtain,
The metaphorical curtain,
Woven with fibres of fear—

Flashing in and out of existence
The curtain, not real
But a mode,
A description of a mode,
A mode so deceptive,
So stimulating to the core—

This spherical curtain
Within which I abide,
Nature's virtual reality,
The Cosmic Joke.


The poem is structured as if getting glimpses (like a shutter opening and closing) of a pulsating and continuous thematic object (the curtain) beyond. This enables brevity if not abrupt omission, and multidirectional approach (cubist, if you will). Did you notice the last line of the poem reflects the last line of the preceeding text?

Tuesday 23 November 2021

An anecdote and a poem


Parallel Forces No.6

An anecdote and a poem:

For some reason, all the people I interacted with in my community today seemed to be shining internally. Can you believe it? I didn't get a "nasty attitude" from anyone! I will mention one of them: the place I ordered curry for lunch. The rice was truly beautiful. There was an essence to it—the artful way it was made echoed centuries of cultural evolution. I know I cannot make rice like that at home, I just don't have that kind of cultural knowledge and memory in me. It's like the cook was not playing the role of the cook but had the beauty of the craft flowing through his being. After eating the palak paneer, I was invigorated. The freshness and quality of the ingredients are not the only factors at work here. Anyway, the vitality which I came in contact with today oxygenated my internal flame and inspired the following poem.

Anything and everything—
The pristine clarity of Love—

Moments are moving,
Time factors not—

The crystalline World
Asks not for a thing—

The silence prevails
Underneath the act.


Wednesday 10 November 2021

A Short Dialectic on Art


A Short Dialectic on Art
In order to improve something, something has to change; like when humanity learned that the earth is not flat. At that time, our understanding of the solar system improved. So improving our understanding of nature must involve a change—either new knowledge or remembering forgotten knowledge. What I'd like to share here is something that I think fits into the second category.
The question is: What is art?
A: Art is action done properly. This includes riding a bike.
Q: No, I won't accept this. Painting an artful picture requires something extra.
A: False. That which you think is extra is actually ordinary. When someone does anything with a sense of beauty and order, they are using the same faculty as a painter. The difference is a superficial one. The painter has knowledge and skill with colour, form, composition, etc. and the biker has riding skills. If one has skills in playing baseball, they can play it beautifully. Every action has the potential to be artful.
Q: So, why is this important?
A: Because we have been taught to believe that art is something different from everyday activities and therefore fail to understand the beauty of just being alive. The greed of modern society has blinded us from this ancient understanding of art. In order to become richer, we have crossed the moral line and sacrificed the beauty (art) in products, work, business, services, etc.

Friday 22 October 2021

The Absurdity of War and The Human Problem


The Absurdity of War and The Human Problem:

Any rational pair of human beings will not resort to physical violence when finding themselves in a conflict. They will find a resolution even if it is parting of ways—agreeing to disagree so to speak. There is respect and love behind the disagreement. Why should international relations be any different? Why is killing other human beings acceptable? It is not. If we are going to be a coherent species and to also respect mother earth, we will have to start seeing each other as family—every single person whether they are mad or sane. The sane ones must treat the mad ones like lost children (through respectful guidance).

I have recognized my egoism (thought-based reality commonly thought to be sane but actually insane) which has the lower self, the "me" or "ego" as a center around which this false reality is formed. This is the common way of existence for the vast majority of people. My objective then is to be liberated from this psychological structure which is the cause of mistaken activity in this world. We cannot change others by trying to force our ideas upon them, but by changing ourselves fundamentally (structurally, not content-wise) we have already changed the world as a whole (since we are part of the world and our effect on others is seen to take immediate effect). This is the only way humanity will realize a new way of living never before known on a global scale. We are all basically mistaken until we are free from egoism.

The work of J. Krishnamurti clearly explains my point. Most people will find excuses not to listen to it though. This is the egoic structure at work. I guess when Plato and others stated that only the initiated could begin study, they were referring to this problem of "resistance".
Where am I speaking from? Am I just repeating words I've heard or speaking theoretically? No. I have, through many, many hours, days and years finally started to dismantle the structure (this is just the beginning). In so-doing, there is direct and immediate validation which does not change back. This permanent eradication is the sign that it is the actual structure of the psyche that has been targeted and not just a concept (which would be superficial). The validation consists of great mental clarity which effects the ability to breath fully and consequently effects the health of the entire body. My explanation for these workings is that our egoic structure is a giant obstruction, comparable to a body frozen by fear, which prevents the free flowing of energy. The more energy flows, the more liberated we are. Yoga stretching works based on the same premise but begins with targeting muscle tension and density. The egoic mind may respond to this type of activity with a surge of force but once that is also recognized and disarmed, the positive progress (which is a negative process or negation when spoken of in a physical sense) becomes once again apparent and on we go deconstructing the system further. Oh, it's beautiful. Love with capital L.

Wednesday 20 October 2021

Questioning the Ground from Which We Move

Questioning the Ground from Which We Move 

There is so much junk information reaching our senses.

Without first clearing most of it away (at least the big pieces, like pizza boxes, dumped furniture, rotting pineaple chunks, etc — to continue the analogy) it is impossible, yes impossible to begin questioning clearly. (FYI principles of physics apply here!)

Once there is some clean, quiet, space one can begin.

Now, sensitivity is required.

When the "miserable ground" which normally goes unnoticed is recognized, the activity of negation which will ultimately lead to vast psychological freedom, has already begun. Congratulations. It's not "far out".

Tuesday 19 October 2021

Three Pieces, Three Poems (new poems)


Form and Formless No.8 - W 7" - Yellow Cedar:
With fire
And breath
Traversing mountains
Without motion

Inseparability of Action No.5 - W 7.25" - Port Orford Cedar, Wax:
Immanent excursion,
Pulsing sea waters,
Lost nowhere

Intent to Act No.1 - W 5" - Yellow Cedar:
That constant presence
So polite and servile
Self-compassion must reign

Saturday 16 October 2021

First Untitled Form and Why?


This is another form which came rather spontaneously onto paper. Without an intentional direction the idea appeared vaguely in my mind and the hand (with pencil) completed the design (gave it coherence). It resonated yet I couldn't formulate a title. Normally the title dawns on me soon after selecting a sketch for production. Sometimes even a poem may emerge to supplement the essence of the idea/form. I'm not sure what it is that makes this piece so vague with regards to an associated idea. Perhaps it really is a synthesis of multiple ideas (I had written "synthesis...artist as synthesizer" at the top of the sketch page (most likely before the sketch was outputted) but did not accept it as a title). So this is the first form which assumes the sculpture (or wood form) number (WF156). Other titles I considered were "Sleep", "Dreaming" and Symbiosis No.3 but none of them felt right.

WF156 is made of air-dried yellow cedar, with a subtle grain pattern. It is light in colour and the form may even suggest bone.

Movement captured by mind,
The search for limits
And finality—

Yet on life goes,
The sweet energy prevails
In timeless motion
And shining Love.


Thursday 7 October 2021

Arch No.16

Arch No.16 - 2021



Standing straight,
The wind rushing
Against hemp shirt
And hair—

The empty meadow—
Gazing out onto
The distant clouds
Meandering above
The granite horizon—

All of humanity,
Nay, all of Nature,
So pristine and clear
Does sparkle
Within and


At 8.75" wide Arch No.16 may find placement on a side table, console or the like. Carved from a single block of Western Red Cedar, the natural grain humbly asserts itself through the satin finish of the wax and oil. The Arch Series consists of forms which are stripped down to their bare essentials. Through this exploration of fundamental structure and organic form, themes of human relatedness to nature, perception of self and other, and the ground of Love, emerge.

Monday 6 September 2021

The Essence of Reception No.1


The Essence of Reception No.1 - 2021

The slight curve may suggest a stretching out or reaching, only to terminate in an open connection that may either imply turning back upon oneself in an infinite return loop, or an infinite opening to "cancel the reach". This may sound very abstract, and it is—indeed it was my feeling when drawing this form on paper. The following poem was also written at the time of the inception of the form on paper. 

As infinite as space, 
So too is Form*— 
Yet as subtle as presence, 
So too is sensitivity— 
As naturally as a leaf flickering in the wind, 
So moves the mental barrier 
In its blinding transparency— 


 *All form in general 

After discovering the form on paper, I contemplate its origin and meaning, and devise a title, then in an elaboration on this meaning a poem may emerge. In this case the poem sets the ground for the conceptual connection with the title: "Once the mental obstacle has been removed, the pure or open "ground" may receive "insight". This particular form (one of infinite possibilities) suggests a "reaching or seeking" with an element of openness/femininity/negativity essential for this "engagement" or reception of the "insight"."

Tuesday 31 August 2021

Nature No.1

The engagement of sight,
The silent wonders
That quiver before us—

The fluttering butterfly,
Its sails gaining purchase
On the weight of the atmosphere—

The slow moving slug
Its senses, like ours,
Engaged with the environment,
Its head turning with
Smooth trajectory
And compassionate order—

The fruit tree swelling
With such rapid growth,
Turning water into juice
And shining in the sunlight—

The bumble bee busy
In focused activity,
Unpausing to ponder,
To sit and stare
At the endless sky,
The distant moon,
The light of the stars,
And the ending of time.


Wednesday 11 August 2021

Thoughts on the World


Thoughts on the world:

The pure present within which all movement plays about is silent amidst the noise, peaceful amidst the chaos. The war-cry is insanity at its most powerful expression and is seen clearly as such only through the eyes of compassion. We hold hands in love and community, ever falling out of violence and into Sanity, Health and Prosperity. We must listen to the angry ones like we would to a hurt child and answer with love instead of hostile reaction. (Clear away wrong-doings of the past and start afresh everyday!) For this reaction is simply more of the same violence. And, this is the cause of perpetuation. This "non-reaction" is the important change in society. Society consists of individuals, so each of us must change and this is how the world is changed — not by trying to control "others" (or ourselves) and manipulate the internal or external system and our surroundings and interior — proper and liberated expression comes later because we don't know how to act properly until we have changed. Before changing (ourselves), our actions will be partial and reactive, causing more conflict. Action is an expression of the core self. If there is peace, love and wholeness at the core, there will be an outward expression and working of the same. So-called "society" is a reflection of our individual selves. 
This change in ourselves will not occur if we attempt to control ourselves, because this is more violence, just directed inwardly. Real change and liberation can only occur when the fundamental way the psyche works is seen actually — not conceptually. This is the important point. We must see ourselves directly, not through the interpretation of comparative (dualistic) thought. Seeing this way is the action which ends in dissolutionary change; and therefore freedom, love and wholeness.

Sunday 1 August 2021

Self-Inquiry No.1

Self-Inquiry No.1

Carved from a block of air-dried yellow cedar with tight growth rings, the form of Self-Inquiry No.1 reflects the nature and delicacy of the material and craft. The subtle form invites the viewer to peer inwards only to find more space and openness. The irony of self-inquiry is just this. The looker seeks to find oneself, but the self is the looker who cannot possibly see itself (like a sword cutting itself in half). When the self is thought to be perceived, it is actually only a construct through thought. So, our common self-image is this imaginary self. When this ironic fact is grasped by the higher or true self, then there is wholeness and Love. Is this the cosmic joke?

Or is it something?
That empty space,
The vast arena,
The pure silence
And rest—

I look
Yet my eyes are met
With pitch black
And infinite quiet.
But yet, I am,
Not of time,
Nor space,
I am here
And everywhere,
Yet nowhere.


Friday 30 July 2021

Transient Reflection No.1

Even fleeting moments
Never were
But transient reflections,
Appearing densities,
Only to fade just as easily
In timeless flux—
The moon-cast shadows
Of crooked pine
Dissapear as the shoji screen
Slides open
Revealing the dark night
And endless transformations.

Wednesday 21 July 2021

The Boundless Nature of Truth No.1

The Boundless Nature of Truth No.1 - 2021



The towering aspen tree,
Its leaves flickering in the breeze—

The mid-day sun light
Shimmering across the rippling water—

The quiet mind,
Unoccupied by events,
Like a crystal,
Reflects the shining
Nature of Truth.


Monday 19 July 2021

Gesture No. 5


Like shells, skin
Attached but separate
Like all
The colours of motion
Spin and turn in splendour
And yet the unmoved
Watching, being
Involved yet

Thursday 15 July 2021

The Inclusive Nature of Events No.1

The Inclusive Nature of Events No.1

The wild cry of the child on the beach,
Muted into the atmosphere amidst
The multitude of voices—

The hot sun casting down
Upon umbrellas, bodies, sand,
And sending its glistening glare
off the wavy water in infinite directions—

The "day" is not,
But only this,
This measureless motion,
This endless sky,
This absorbing beauty.


Tuesday 6 July 2021

The Moment of Reflection - Part 2

As the glowing orange sun
Continues to reveal its fiery existence
The dim yet profound essence
So permeating at dawn
Is filled with warmth and action—

The city morning noises do send waves
And ripples into the infinitely sensitive
Pure waters of life.
The motion thus reflects the physics
Of the immediate environs
And the humility of oneness
Seeps in, in unconditional surrender—

Eyes closed, set aglow by the intensifying sphere
Amidst the world's physique, and with the world's physique
The vast essence of purity remains


The Moment of Reflection No.1

The Moment of Reflection - Part 1

As the cacophonous fragments
Gradually dissolved
There remained the
Pure sea of weightless depth
So clean and clear
Like a trickling brook
Through the jagged granite mountain slope—

Have I dipped my fingers into
The cool waters of the essence of life?
Like the serenity of a calm lake
Reflecting the orange light of the emerging sun
Does this sweet energy permeate
As I bask in it, this invisible and indescribable
Boundless delicacy

The Moment of Reflection No.1

Thursday 1 July 2021

The Humbling Sun


The humbling sun,
Our earthly mother,
In your sight,
How can wars persist?
Life itself are we
As we hustle about
And sit and pray
For real peace,
A true reflection
Of our fiery source
Of which we are,
Life itself.


Saturday 26 June 2021

A Hot Day Ahead


Knowing the inevitable outcome,
The gradual accumulation of heat,
As the sun rises up over the mountains—
A sin it would be to fear,
To fail to bask in the light of life,
The one true mother of this
Collection of rocks so special,
But what's so special?,
When all is exactly how it must be,
Ceaseless motion—
The endless musing,
So futile in essence—
With piercing laughter,
At once the quiet chattering
Is not.


Saturday 19 June 2021

Supplemental Text for Sculpture "Intent to Act No.1"

Intent to act No.1 - 2021

Whilest drawing, I am sitting at the desk (for optimum posture) or in the park or coffee shop inviting inspiration—the success of which is directly dependent on the quality of the mental state—and working within certain structural limitations. A given group of sketches may consist of forms following a variety of directions but are nevertheless related through proximity of time and therefore memory, and due to their parts being of potential relevance to a future consummation, a future form. It is from memory, whether subconscious or conscious, wherefrom the ideas emerge. The ideas come in fragments and my conscious mind along with my pencil is piecing them together in coherent ways. The more the intent to make the forms structurally sound is at the forefront of the mind, the more it interferes with the free flowing exploration. I propose that this free flowing exploration which uses memories for content is fueled by Nature's force which is beyond the body. An indication for the truth of this statment can be found in the fact that the more the mind is occupied with some trivial or practical matter, the less space it has to allow for this extracorporeal energy to flow through it.

In the case of the present piece, Intent to Act No.1, the form emerged on paper and I was intent on making it. However, only after contemplating the name for the piece, did the complete relevance or meaning of the form reveal itself to me. This order of events indicates the significance of the subconscious process of development on paper, in that unless I allow for this Natural energy to flow through, the discovery of an inspired form may not occur. And when an inspired form does appear, it requires another step for me to fully understand it. The title of this piece was inspired by the variety of directional motions involved in this piece and their subtle yet specific relationships toward one another. Further explanation would get complicated so allow a poem to express the meaning at the core level.

The hesitation was there;
The human mind, so complex——

The immediate action
Of the crow or the king fisher——

The greater intervention, however,
Does impart a purifying stream
To trickle through the mind's

The clean stab into water,
The fish firmly clenched,
The bird alike dripping heavily——

Inspired we are to Act,
So swift in movement,
Involved completely
With place and others—

Carrying with our motion,
An opening, an absence,
Neither dictating intent,
Nor sleeping, but awake,

The stillness of a sculpture,
The silent motion therein,
Human abstraction,
Metaphorical expression—

In contemplation,
The abstract reflects
The omnipresent truth,
The never flinching

Sunday 30 May 2021

The Order of Words and The Heart of Light

Occurs not 
The transformation negativa
Yet, because
It's still the intellect
Why, this intellect
So strong it be
Remains the truth,
Cunning, persuasive,
Story of who?
The knowing beatitude,
Smiling in freedom
Toward we does it glance

O laughing one,
O laughing one!
I feel taunted
But your space,
Endless in expanse,
Does reach thru me,
It does
Irony, so powerful,
Yet subtle,
A soap bubble like,
Yes, a soap bubble like
If words be broken,
Broken be words,
Then what thru shines?
Shines what does thru?
This vast expanse,
It calls,
Voice with not,
Already here.
Yes, here.
Al ready

Wednesday 26 May 2021

The White-Crowned Sparrow

The bright melodious call
Sat in stark contrast to the
Surprisingly mundane warm greys
The whirlpool of electrostatic
Vibrations tingling the air
With lively song
Remained as always
In clear invisibility
One's penetrating glare and the
Perked ears did entreat strongly
But Nature's want of concession
Remained motionless
In sage-like austerity
As the focus faded softly,
Diffusing gently into the vast arena,
Only the reflection was left—
A translucent memory,
A depthless sheet of wobbling glaze
Standing quiet in feeble fragility
Yet so enduring it be,
Teetering on the edge
Between matter and light
In swift retreat,
The totality of memories were
Left twinkling in crystaline fragments
Like leaves of the aspen,
(Yet devoid of pigment)
Quivering on the verge of disappearance

Falling away, further still,
The specks of shimmering light
Reminded of stars in the
Vastness of space

And at last, the breath
Returned in Life-giving purity
The colours reappeared in 
Their homogeneous delight
Nature's symphony resumed in
Its haunting harmony
And variegated similarity
The inaudible wail
Rang through the cosmos
Sending atoms shivering at the core

Monday 24 May 2021

Children are Whole No.2


The sunlight broke through
The leaves in a fragmented pattern—
The hefty chuckle
Reverberated through the night air—
The question of "Why?" did arise
So piercingly, so suddenly—
"Why all this chaos? Why!?"
Again, the throaty laughter
Ejaculated in vibrations
Through the damp fog—

"Why is this happening?"
The incessant insanity,
The selfish pursuits,
The utter lack of wholeness—
The night was still and silent
Apart from the occasional
Dripping of condensed fog
Collecting on the colourless leaves—
Suddenly, the horrific roar
Of a 10 year old boy
Skidded through the sky
In an elongated stream
Of terror—
The shaken shrubs
Stood numb in disbelief
As their molecular constitutions
Slowly regained equilibrium—
The memory, though, did remain,
As all memories do,
In the cosmic eye,
The Knower of knowing—
"I hear your cry, young lad,
It has been registered, indeed.
You may not have the words,
But your protest is an honest one—
The injustice which prompted
Such violent outrage
Is mirrored in thee
O, young one—

A mirror you are.
Your service is acknowledged.
But heal you must,
For the greater wicked,
Is yet rampant—

Polish your mirror
And shine your reflection
Of all who pass,
So that they may see
Their true selves
Without distortion or blur—
And if the timing is right,
The memory of their childhood
May too arise, clear and undisturbed.
And they will heal and polish..."

Children are Whole No.1


The flame burns clear
With silent intensity,
Diffusing calcified clumps
Into impotent particles—

Sitting, standing, walking;
Here we are,
Smiling in glory,
Light and peace—

The horrible ideas,
Swirl within the mind
Like putrid mustard gas
Intent on harm and war—

The violence concedes not
To interior borders
And naturally the nations
Are their intensified selves—

The Earth is cracking
Like a dried desert floor,
From aeons of strife and pain—

The Cosmic joke
Permeates space
And matter alike,
And infuses ironic
Humour in sin as well—

The wars will only end
When children born free
See the mistakes of their fathers,
The blindness of their mothers—

Tradition is perpetuation,
Liberation is clarity,
The space to see afresh,
Anew, the beauty of people,
The Love and joy of life—

Empowered children,
Unharmed by the grown,
In Love and wisdom,
May emerge Clear.