Wednesday 20 February 2019

An Unthinkable Agreement

An Unthinkable Agreement


The fog recedes to both sides as we walk through the last traces of the misty atmosphere along the crest of the sand mountain. The purple sky invites us to look into a glowing eternity of uncertainty.

I shiver as I pace along the soft, sliding peak of sand.
The night's cold is slowly regressing as the sun begins to show itself above the desert horizon.

Awake, I look out the window, the snow has covered the yard in a thick blanket of whiteness.
The sky too is filled with soft white crystals, packing the air with icey fluff.

Melting away all objects and life forms, nothing is left tangible.
The vacuum of emptiness swallows all things leaving nothing but awareness.
Awareness is, without object or subject, it is. No self to be aware of, nothing to be aware of, just aware of nothing, the one empty self.

The forms reappear in their magnificence. Shining, glowing, dancing, sparkling, shaking and spinning. Here we are, a part of the act, a moving, pulsing, energetic play of existence; instances of love, mystery, life and ecstasy. No artificial division, just one giant play with no audience.

Mike Sasaki

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