Thursday 29 October 2020

Free Form Writing on the Concept Behind "Inseparability of Action No.3" Sculpture

On the Concept Behind "Inseparability of Action No.3" Sculpture

Opening and closing simultaneously evolve. The unceasing motion in the ocean, the cities, the clouds—an endless pulse. The quiet dark and cold—the absence of form and light—everpresent behind the scenes, behind the curtain—the mother of matter. The opening and closing are one movement as darkness remains with the light.

The ever pulsating form moves without direction or time. We refrain from imposing time and even space, as the cosmic energy breathes through the planet, skipping not one speckle of its surface with the paintbrush of motion.

Relationship—our cosmic union, from solar orbits to hill building ants, relationship—the essence of life.

The dark nothingness of nothingness sends ground rumbling waves of roaring silence through the vastness of emptiness, permeating all matter.



Inseparability of Action No.3 - 2020


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Wednesday 21 October 2020

Freeform No.4

The geometric Order
In all its splendour—
Rushing rivers
And pulsing planets,
Non-directional motion
And unmoving speed—

Life continues
While we ponder—
The polygonal faces
Classifying the noetic planes,
The limitless musings
Penetrating endlessly—

The wonder of Ratio
And the order of sound—
The majesty of Motion
And the unfathomable Reality—
The compassion for Fish
And the rhythm of the heart—
The tones of silence
And inverse geometry—


Tuesday 13 October 2020

A Surrealistic Adventure: Part 2


Finding himself atop the high mountain

It was cold and barren.

The trees were none and the icy shell

Made for slippery steps.

On guard for danger,

He took a sudden leap,

And soaring downward

Almost weightlessly

He flipped forward in full rotations

Loosing ultimate bearings,

He also lost count of the somersaults

Because he did not have

A starting point of reference

To mark the count.

To him, his world was blurred—

The images orbited in streaks

Through his stationary field of vision.

Finally touching ground,

He found himself near the middle of the slope—

Tumbling along with the mass of a heavenly body,

He eventually ground to a halt,

Not before sending fragments of dirt

And forest floor debris hurling into

The light air.

Regaining his vision, the Mountaineer

Could now focus clearly on infinitesimally minute details

In his new found setting—

The deer roamed freely—without fear,

Casually munching on leaves and bark.

Their quiet snorts and wet mouths

Calmly but actively moving

Were received by the onlooker

In seemingly amplified fidelity.

The fleas bouncing around

The bristly hide

Sent dull, yet penetrating

Reverberations outwardly

In retarded spherical emanations

Of crashing molecules

Battling for rest in their

Weightless equilibrium.

As he gazed around the lush forest

With all the sweet aromas

Carried in the crisp and smooth air,

There was a silent sound

Tuned with exacting precision 

Which had not an end nor a begining.

In light of this quiet energy,

The traveller took to building—

First, a Hut, then an Aqueduct,

And lastly a Basket.

The latter was finely woven

With nimble fingers

And still attention.

The materials were all

Readily available

And were worked

With ease.

Every breath

The climber took

Here, in the middle

Of the slope

Was eternal.

Every task

He set











Wednesday 7 October 2020



Night and Day
Come and pass—

The stream,
The moon's orbit,

Nature's allowance,
The pristine waters,
The weaving creek—

The crystal sounds
Of the stone studded brook—

The sweet breath
Atop a mountain,
Rich green, payne's grey,
Cadmium yellow, and crimson