Thursday, 29 October 2020

Free Form Writing on the Concept Behind "Inseparability of Action No.3" Sculpture

On the Concept Behind "Inseparability of Action No.3" Sculpture

Opening and closing simultaneously evolve. The unceasing motion in the ocean, the cities, the clouds—an endless pulse. The quiet dark and cold—the absence of form and light—everpresent behind the scenes, behind the curtain—the mother of matter. The opening and closing are one movement as darkness remains with the light.

The ever pulsating form moves without direction or time. We refrain from imposing time and even space, as the cosmic energy breathes through the planet, skipping not one speckle of its surface with the paintbrush of motion.

Relationship—our cosmic union, from solar orbits to hill building ants, relationship—the essence of life.

The dark nothingness of nothingness sends ground rumbling waves of roaring silence through the vastness of emptiness, permeating all matter.



Inseparability of Action No.3 - 2020


View sculpture in detail here:

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