Friday, 11 December 2020

On "Adaptability and the Indestructible Nature of the Whole No.1" Sculpture - 2019

Adaptability and the Indestructible Nature of the Whole No.1


Carved from Western Red Cedar, Adaptability and the Indestructible Nature of the Whole No.1 stands on three points of contact with the ground providing structural balance in combination with the organic movement of the parts. It is carved from one piece of wood with latitudinal grain orientation. It remains showing its natural surface, polished with fine grit sandpaper.

Contemplating on the inseparability of nature, I came upon a sense of profound appreciation of this physical world. No action is isolated, but contained within an environment, or rather is wholly a part of that environment. We tend to focus on visible matter but when a tennis ball travels over the net, the air is as important as the ball. Likewise, when we listen to music, it is the vibrations travelling through the air which reach our ears.

Upon deep reflection, the circular nature of events contains an order. This order is so balanced and immovable. It quenches all fallacy instantaneously. Moreover, any disturbance in this order, like a ripple in the pond eventually dissipates back into the surrounding environment.

This cosmic order, call it Justice,
So pure its objectivity,
So clean and crisp its power.

I revere its majesty,
But who reveres?
Another ripple in the pond,
A disturbance finding order.

Before I merge back
Into the great oneness,
May I merge into Order
And dance with the Cosmos.

The first and last lesson
From the great master—
How soon will we see?
In the timeless arena,
We already know.
For the answer is in the question—
Tomorrow is now.

~Mike Sasaki 2019

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