Thursday, 21 April 2022

Non-Local Movement No.9 - With Concept

Non-Local Movement No.9 - 2022


Non-Local Movement No.9

What can you do without energy?
Energy flow is health. Health is wholeness. Mental illness is a product of fragmentation, separation, isolation—the more concentrated, the worse. What is holistic mentality? Thought is always fragmented—it's inherent in its very nature—so a reality based on thought will always lead to confusion and suffering. This leaves a different field of the mind, a field different from thought (which will use orderly, practical thought, but is not driven blindly by thought). This is the subject of inspiration for this series of sculptures. Is there a "movement" or force from the intelligible realm (non-dualistic, "heart intelligence"), from an hypostasis, an underlying, unmanifested substance?

This piece, the 9th in the series, uses multidirectional motion, both in the material and its absence (absence being a dualistic and therefore unreal idea), to metaphorically and conceptually suggest the notion of a non-local field of motion or force, the recognition of which will complete the search for wholeness in the mind.

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