Monday, 4 June 2018

Free Form Poem No.1 - 2018/June 4th

Prior to the poem - a short background

The undefined structure of the "freestyle" poetry appeals to my preference of free writing. I come from a prose habbit and want to make it short (about 10-50 lines), hence the "poem" title. I am not defining the word "poem" I am stating my usage of it here. I have expressions I feel will fit in this length with style considerations. I am digging into the depths of nature through acknowledging psycho-neurological importance. I do not have classical training in these areas but I label these subjects of my focus accurately. The tests and experiments are conducted in the "lab" of awareness - the subject being thoughts, perception, fear, "psychological time" and therefore "ego". I hope to find other interested individuals in this type of exploration who can join and bring energy into this inquiry. I make no conclusions - rather open ended ideas serve as tools for digging into the depths of life and our consciousness. Thank you and enjoy.

Free Form Poem No.1

Blindly born crying in the light,
Commotion, is-ness, already present.
I am, but why, what and who?
The night is deep and empty,
The fear is all pervasive -
My bones are that.

Fixed in motion, travelling,
Following, endless ideas,
Circling, flowing, mixing,
Cutting, picking, disturbing.
Why, what and who?

In the soup, tasting of this.
Wanting nothing, nothing blending.
Falling, twirling, on/off switch cannot be found.


  1. Why, what and who ... seems very interesting ! I like the Freestyle ♥