Thursday, 21 June 2018

Resistance of the Fact No.1

Resistance of the Fact No.1

I say the name with great strength –
The name of the plant, the trees,
The taxonomy of life.

I clarify and order all things,
Material and not.

I move forth with grand strides,
Confident of past rewards,
Blindly attacking obstacles ahead.

My bones are weary, but I'm wide awake.
I fight with the strength of one thousand –
The battlefield of machine parts
Inside my brain.

The breeze brings soft smells
Of neighbouring flowers and shrubs.
I open the window of attention
And drink in the moist air of spring.

I am the scent of the world.
The friend, the foe, from whence
Do they depart?
The directionless here and now
I be. And resting, sitting,
Listening serene, I am not,
but we.

© Mike Sasaki 2018

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