Wednesday, 11 August 2021

Thoughts on the World


Thoughts on the world:

The pure present within which all movement plays about is silent amidst the noise, peaceful amidst the chaos. The war-cry is insanity at its most powerful expression and is seen clearly as such only through the eyes of compassion. We hold hands in love and community, ever falling out of violence and into Sanity, Health and Prosperity. We must listen to the angry ones like we would to a hurt child and answer with love instead of hostile reaction. (Clear away wrong-doings of the past and start afresh everyday!) For this reaction is simply more of the same violence. And, this is the cause of perpetuation. This "non-reaction" is the important change in society. Society consists of individuals, so each of us must change and this is how the world is changed — not by trying to control "others" (or ourselves) and manipulate the internal or external system and our surroundings and interior — proper and liberated expression comes later because we don't know how to act properly until we have changed. Before changing (ourselves), our actions will be partial and reactive, causing more conflict. Action is an expression of the core self. If there is peace, love and wholeness at the core, there will be an outward expression and working of the same. So-called "society" is a reflection of our individual selves. 
This change in ourselves will not occur if we attempt to control ourselves, because this is more violence, just directed inwardly. Real change and liberation can only occur when the fundamental way the psyche works is seen actually — not conceptually. This is the important point. We must see ourselves directly, not through the interpretation of comparative (dualistic) thought. Seeing this way is the action which ends in dissolutionary change; and therefore freedom, love and wholeness.

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