Sunday, 2 January 2022

Counting the Days


Counting the Days

The fierce wind
Like the wrath of the Anemoi
Tears through the place
In powerful surges
Disrupting the dirt and dust
And the stagnant memories
Of yesteryear—

The unknown forces
Acting within us,
Awakened by those without us,
Send us scurrying
Into our dark holes of hibernation
Where unbeknownst to us
We maintain and nourish
The agony and misery of humanity—
Yet, we may once again find that spark,
That candle light, dim yet vibrant
Which will guide us into the rays of sun,
Shining down on a land and ocean
Of boundless Life,
Illuminating a sky of vast potential
And ethereal inspiration
Moving the entire earth
To glow and dance,
To breathe and pulse
On the endless day
Of days we need not count.


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