Thursday 22 February 2024

The Inclusive Nature of Events — Sculpture and Titling Process (specific and general)


The Inclusive Nature of Events No.1

Languages spread ironically between warring states. We are influenced by the environment whether pleasant or otherwise. Feelings of isolation are psychological and ultimately false. We are the whole, this vast masterpiece that is the cosmos. Our human life can be sailing on the ocean of Love, in a boat of Love, experienced by Love.

Thus is the inspiration for the title of this piece. The title is discovered through contemplation of the drawing of the form prior to carving. Through contemplation on the form, the essence or Idea of the form is met with and it is from this Idea or "Form" whence a title or "name" manifests. There are potentially multiple possible titles and the chosen ones are filtered by the persona, but as long as it is a manifestation of the Idea, it will be a "true" title.

Thus, the title is poetry.
The Inclusive Nature of Events No.1 - 2021


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