Monday 26 February 2024

The Opening of Space No.2 - 2023 - The Inspiration From Which the Form and Title Were Drawn


The Opening of Space No.2 - 2023

In this title, space refers to that non-physical, non-electromagnetic space. What is this space? In the popular mind state there is a tendency to accumulate ideas, holding bundles of them, projecting same and modifying them in a seemingly endless cycle. Perhaps this existential space, the reflection of which being the physical art object, begins to "open" through the negation of these accumulated falsehoods (ultimately arriving at the falseness of conventional time, dualistic thought and fear which constitute the foundation of the whole false reality in general). 

The next question is "How does negation of falsehoods occur?". There are two ways of seeing. The conventional way is through dualistic thought, through this false perception based on comparison, this narrative of our "life". Looking at one's thoughts and beliefs this way only continues the same cycle of fragmentation. The second way of seeing is holistic observation. Seeing this way results in realizations where something dies. That which dies no longer occupies and obstructs this shining light of silent love.
The Opening of Space No.2 - 2023


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