Wednesday 22 May 2024

Form and Formless No.12 - with description including reference to art and beauty in general

The simplicity in form conceals a greater complexity upon longer viewing. Form and Formless No.12 in fir was conceived on the sketch page with the precise angles and proportions seen here in the final piece. The sensitivity and subtlety of the form always baffles the sculptor in its implications regarding the laws of nature, perception and existence. The conclusion is made, that art, form and nature contain a beauty and mystery infinitely revealing in depth, and we as humans can dip into this beauty as long and as far as desired without ever exhausting its possibilities.

To the sculptor, the piece constantly reminds of a "key to truth hanging on the wall", where the form and its absence are in eternal communication, forever engaged in an inextricable relationship of total wholeness, beyond the fragmented patterns of dualistic reality.


Form and Formless No.12 - 2024


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