Thursday, 7 October 2021

Arch No.16

Arch No.16 - 2021



Standing straight,
The wind rushing
Against hemp shirt
And hair—

The empty meadow—
Gazing out onto
The distant clouds
Meandering above
The granite horizon—

All of humanity,
Nay, all of Nature,
So pristine and clear
Does sparkle
Within and


At 8.75" wide Arch No.16 may find placement on a side table, console or the like. Carved from a single block of Western Red Cedar, the natural grain humbly asserts itself through the satin finish of the wax and oil. The Arch Series consists of forms which are stripped down to their bare essentials. Through this exploration of fundamental structure and organic form, themes of human relatedness to nature, perception of self and other, and the ground of Love, emerge.

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