Friday, 22 October 2021

The Absurdity of War and The Human Problem


The Absurdity of War and The Human Problem:

Any rational pair of human beings will not resort to physical violence when finding themselves in a conflict. They will find a resolution even if it is parting of ways—agreeing to disagree so to speak. There is respect and love behind the disagreement. Why should international relations be any different? Why is killing other human beings acceptable? It is not. If we are going to be a coherent species and to also respect mother earth, we will have to start seeing each other as family—every single person whether they are mad or sane. The sane ones must treat the mad ones like lost children (through respectful guidance).

I have recognized my egoism (thought-based reality commonly thought to be sane but actually insane) which has the lower self, the "me" or "ego" as a center around which this false reality is formed. This is the common way of existence for the vast majority of people. My objective then is to be liberated from this psychological structure which is the cause of mistaken activity in this world. We cannot change others by trying to force our ideas upon them, but by changing ourselves fundamentally (structurally, not content-wise) we have already changed the world as a whole (since we are part of the world and our effect on others is seen to take immediate effect). This is the only way humanity will realize a new way of living never before known on a global scale. We are all basically mistaken until we are free from egoism.

The work of J. Krishnamurti clearly explains my point. Most people will find excuses not to listen to it though. This is the egoic structure at work. I guess when Plato and others stated that only the initiated could begin study, they were referring to this problem of "resistance".
Where am I speaking from? Am I just repeating words I've heard or speaking theoretically? No. I have, through many, many hours, days and years finally started to dismantle the structure (this is just the beginning). In so-doing, there is direct and immediate validation which does not change back. This permanent eradication is the sign that it is the actual structure of the psyche that has been targeted and not just a concept (which would be superficial). The validation consists of great mental clarity which effects the ability to breath fully and consequently effects the health of the entire body. My explanation for these workings is that our egoic structure is a giant obstruction, comparable to a body frozen by fear, which prevents the free flowing of energy. The more energy flows, the more liberated we are. Yoga stretching works based on the same premise but begins with targeting muscle tension and density. The egoic mind may respond to this type of activity with a surge of force but once that is also recognized and disarmed, the positive progress (which is a negative process or negation when spoken of in a physical sense) becomes once again apparent and on we go deconstructing the system further. Oh, it's beautiful. Love with capital L.

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