Saturday, 16 October 2021

First Untitled Form and Why?


This is another form which came rather spontaneously onto paper. Without an intentional direction the idea appeared vaguely in my mind and the hand (with pencil) completed the design (gave it coherence). It resonated yet I couldn't formulate a title. Normally the title dawns on me soon after selecting a sketch for production. Sometimes even a poem may emerge to supplement the essence of the idea/form. I'm not sure what it is that makes this piece so vague with regards to an associated idea. Perhaps it really is a synthesis of multiple ideas (I had written "synthesis...artist as synthesizer" at the top of the sketch page (most likely before the sketch was outputted) but did not accept it as a title). So this is the first form which assumes the sculpture (or wood form) number (WF156). Other titles I considered were "Sleep", "Dreaming" and Symbiosis No.3 but none of them felt right.

WF156 is made of air-dried yellow cedar, with a subtle grain pattern. It is light in colour and the form may even suggest bone.

Movement captured by mind,
The search for limits
And finality—

Yet on life goes,
The sweet energy prevails
In timeless motion
And shining Love.


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