Monday, 24 May 2021

Children are Whole No.1


The flame burns clear
With silent intensity,
Diffusing calcified clumps
Into impotent particles—

Sitting, standing, walking;
Here we are,
Smiling in glory,
Light and peace—

The horrible ideas,
Swirl within the mind
Like putrid mustard gas
Intent on harm and war—

The violence concedes not
To interior borders
And naturally the nations
Are their intensified selves—

The Earth is cracking
Like a dried desert floor,
From aeons of strife and pain—

The Cosmic joke
Permeates space
And matter alike,
And infuses ironic
Humour in sin as well—

The wars will only end
When children born free
See the mistakes of their fathers,
The blindness of their mothers—

Tradition is perpetuation,
Liberation is clarity,
The space to see afresh,
Anew, the beauty of people,
The Love and joy of life—

Empowered children,
Unharmed by the grown,
In Love and wisdom,
May emerge Clear.


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