Wednesday, 26 May 2021

The White-Crowned Sparrow

The bright melodious call
Sat in stark contrast to the
Surprisingly mundane warm greys
The whirlpool of electrostatic
Vibrations tingling the air
With lively song
Remained as always
In clear invisibility
One's penetrating glare and the
Perked ears did entreat strongly
But Nature's want of concession
Remained motionless
In sage-like austerity
As the focus faded softly,
Diffusing gently into the vast arena,
Only the reflection was left—
A translucent memory,
A depthless sheet of wobbling glaze
Standing quiet in feeble fragility
Yet so enduring it be,
Teetering on the edge
Between matter and light
In swift retreat,
The totality of memories were
Left twinkling in crystaline fragments
Like leaves of the aspen,
(Yet devoid of pigment)
Quivering on the verge of disappearance

Falling away, further still,
The specks of shimmering light
Reminded of stars in the
Vastness of space

And at last, the breath
Returned in Life-giving purity
The colours reappeared in 
Their homogeneous delight
Nature's symphony resumed in
Its haunting harmony
And variegated similarity
The inaudible wail
Rang through the cosmos
Sending atoms shivering at the core

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