Monday, 24 May 2021

Children are Whole No.2


The sunlight broke through
The leaves in a fragmented pattern—
The hefty chuckle
Reverberated through the night air—
The question of "Why?" did arise
So piercingly, so suddenly—
"Why all this chaos? Why!?"
Again, the throaty laughter
Ejaculated in vibrations
Through the damp fog—

"Why is this happening?"
The incessant insanity,
The selfish pursuits,
The utter lack of wholeness—
The night was still and silent
Apart from the occasional
Dripping of condensed fog
Collecting on the colourless leaves—
Suddenly, the horrific roar
Of a 10 year old boy
Skidded through the sky
In an elongated stream
Of terror—
The shaken shrubs
Stood numb in disbelief
As their molecular constitutions
Slowly regained equilibrium—
The memory, though, did remain,
As all memories do,
In the cosmic eye,
The Knower of knowing—
"I hear your cry, young lad,
It has been registered, indeed.
You may not have the words,
But your protest is an honest one—
The injustice which prompted
Such violent outrage
Is mirrored in thee
O, young one—

A mirror you are.
Your service is acknowledged.
But heal you must,
For the greater wicked,
Is yet rampant—

Polish your mirror
And shine your reflection
Of all who pass,
So that they may see
Their true selves
Without distortion or blur—
And if the timing is right,
The memory of their childhood
May too arise, clear and undisturbed.
And they will heal and polish..."

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