Sunday, 30 May 2021

The Order of Words and The Heart of Light

Occurs not 
The transformation negativa
Yet, because
It's still the intellect
Why, this intellect
So strong it be
Remains the truth,
Cunning, persuasive,
Story of who?
The knowing beatitude,
Smiling in freedom
Toward we does it glance

O laughing one,
O laughing one!
I feel taunted
But your space,
Endless in expanse,
Does reach thru me,
It does
Irony, so powerful,
Yet subtle,
A soap bubble like,
Yes, a soap bubble like
If words be broken,
Broken be words,
Then what thru shines?
Shines what does thru?
This vast expanse,
It calls,
Voice with not,
Already here.
Yes, here.
Al ready

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